National Siblings Day

You know, I don’t always take the time out to recognize or appreciate the amazing group of people I get to call my siblings. We have our ups and our downs and our individual quarrels. Of course we don’t always get along perfectly, but when it comes right down to it I know I can count on each one of them to come through. Our dad said we need to stick together, and we have. We will. The climate in our family has been very serious and very draining in recent days, so I think this day dedicated to telling the world how great your siblings are is the perfect opportunity for me to personally acknowledge the strength that lies within each of mine.

Bill– You are a Peace-Maker. You have a kind heart. You would never purposely do anything to hurt anyone. You’re the most diplomatic during conflict, you’re an entertainer with an amazing talent at lightening the mood up in ANY situation, and you do whatever you can to keep people together. And I’m convinced someday you’re going to save the world with your uncanny ability to remember every detail of everything that’s ever happened in your life. Or maybe the skills you acquired in Doom VR.

Chris– You’re a natural born leader. You aren’t afraid to take the reigns and do what needs to be done, whether that’s in your own life or helping others. You’re the most logical of all of us, and I think we can all agree that going into any debate with you as an ally is a sure win. You’re always ready to do what it takes to get somewhere, wherever that may be, and you’re a great resource of assorted knowledge that you probably acquired somewhere deep in the throes of Reddit… or a podcast.

Ned– You’re a very level-headed individual armed with a killer sense of judgment. You thoroughly think through things before you make decisions. You’re great to bounce ideas off of and have any kind of conversations with. You have an impressive sense of maturity that just kind of emanates out of you. You’re quiet and have an understated way of being, but it’s obvious that you care deeply about your relationships, family being number one. Plus you never fail to come in clutch with the one-liners. King of the Zing, Chef Ned.

Laura– You’re a beacon of hope. You’re always there to provide a listening ear to the people around you. Despite your own struggles, you regularly encourage others in so many ways. You’re sensitive, and you seek to help people whenever and in whatever ways you can. Everything you do, you do with a flair that only you possess. You’re a gold mine for valuable nuggets of wisdom. You have a bright counseling future ahead of you, and someday you’re going to be able to open a library called “Books I’ve Read.”

Michael– You’re a straight up comedian. I don’t think you even realize how hilarious you are. Almost everything that comes out of your mouth is funny. Not only that, but you have a ton of empathy for other people. Empathy + humor makes you the perfect person to go to for a hug and a cheer up when life seems dark. You are the most chill person I know, and you have a gift for rolling with the punches. I’m patiently waiting for you to become famous, but until then I’ll happily lend my card services in the name of Fortnite.

Mark– You are the definition of strength. You’re honestly the strongest person I’ve ever met. You’re ridiculously smart. You just decide you want to have a skill and you go learn it. You have an incredible spirit that will undoubtedly take you as far as you want to go in life. You make everything, even the most mundane task, a super fun adventure. And you make the fun things a blast and a half. You are full to the brim of courage, passion, and drive. Don’t lose your spirit. Don’t lose your fight. Don’t forget to wash your hands. And remember who you are… You’re Negan.

I love you guys.

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